What are low pressure injection machines? The 4 advantages of low pressure injection must be understood!

What are low pressure injection machines? The 4 advantages of low pressure injection must be understood!
We all know that setting pressure is a very important step in the process of injection molding. The wrong pressure setting will affect the machine running and the product efficacy.  What is the principle of low pressure injection so that the machine can work at a lower pressure to operate in a new environment ? Which product is suitable for injection production ? Today's article lets you  understand what is low-pressure injection machine and what are the advantages of using low pressure injection !
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What is low pressure injection?

Compared with the general injection machine, the low pressure injection machine can use a smaller pressure during injection, because the material used is not the same as the general plastic, and the temperature can be plasticized without increasing the temperature. The injection pressure is also required when the product is molded. It is not high, so it can be injected at low pressure. Low pressure injection has 5 steps similar to general injection molding, namely plasticizing ⇒ injection ⇒ holding pressure ⇒ cooling ⇒ demolding.
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Common applications of low pressure injection

The materials used in low-pressure injection machines have very good sealing properties, can stand for high temperatures and moisture, and are very popular among electronic parts manufacturers. Therefore, many electronic products are manufactured using low-pressure injection technology, which is the most common in daily life.  The low-pressure injection products of the company are applied to various specifications of transmission cables. Thick plastic can be seen on the outer layer of the transmission cable. This is one of the applications of low-pressure injection. The function is to firmly wrap the wire to provide protection, reduce the damage caused by impact, and extend the use time.

4 advantages of low pressure injection

1. Lower manufacturing costs

Most electronic products are composed of circuit boards, chips, wires and other components.  In order to protect these fragile electronic components, we will use potting glue for packaging in the early days. However, the step of potting is more complicate and product yield rate is low so that resulting in high production costs. Now, with the high efficiency of low-pressure injection machines, labor costs can be reduced, products can be produced uninterruptedly, and product yield rate can be improved. The advantages of low-pressure injection technology can save a lot of costs.
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2. Reduce production time

​The manufacturing process of electronic component potting takes a lot of time. It takes 1-3 days to wait for the potting to cure. After curing, the next process can be carried out. In addition, there are total of 7-8 product processes. It is conceivable that how long the production cycle will be !  The advantage of low-pressure injection is that there is no need to wait for solidification. The cooling time of the product injected from the low-pressure injection machine is only 60 seconds, which greatly reduces the manufacturing time of the product.

3. Better product quality

The reason why electronic products are packaged with low-pressure injection machines is that the injection pressure of the low-pressure injection machines is small, which will not have any impact on sensitive electronic components, and the materials used in the low-pressure injection machines have good sealing properties and low water absorption, high efficiency, excellent corrosion resistance, and good bonding force with electronic components, so the manufactured products will have better performance than potting in terms of sealing, appearance or life time.
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4. Environmentally friendly product materials

The materials used in the low-pressure injection machine are not only suitable for protecting electronic components, but also completely non-toxic and harmless to the environment. The raw materials are derived from natural ingredients. After being discarded, we can directly recycle and reuse them. The biological can also be directly degraded; it is the most environmentally friendly plastic material.



Early low-pressure injection machines were mainly used to manufacture automotive parts. In recent years, in response to the rapid development of the electronics industry, low-pressure injection technology has also become mature. This low-pressure injection technology can provide more efficient production and product quality. The performance is also improved. If you are looking for a low-pressure injection machine, we are experienced injection machine experts. You can find the injection machine according to your needs. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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