LPM Packaging Injection

Hot melt adhesive is resin with no volatilize, solid status in normal temperature, after melting, it becomes stable and hard to carbonized adhesive. After cured, the adhesion is widely used in auto, electric, medical industry application for sensor and water-proof packaging. For PC usage, it could be the protection packaging that is faster, more precise in a small working station than traditional dispensing process and has become the new material for packaging process.


hot melt adhesive
packaging injection machine

Patented Hot melt adhesive packaging injection method
The Epimx is the very first packaging injection machine using plunger injection system (patent pending approval), unlike conventional packaging machine using pump for packaging, by precise servo motor and computer calculations allowed user to set parameter for different kinds of products, with precise clamping unit controlled by servo motor that makes packaging injection more precise, and easier. Epimx is your best choice that provides the most precise techniques and deliver the best service.

Epimx hot melt adhesive packaging injection method is to melt solid adhesive granule into liquid status by electric heating then injected by computer controlled plunger into package inserted electronic device, after cooling, it turns into a flat package status. the features are precise low pressure control, fast cooling molding, high efficiency with low product cost. It can reach the insulation, water proof, dust proof, shock proof, pollution proof and weatherability requirements.


■1~50 bar extreme low inj. pressure, electric device never breaks.

■1~15 KN clamping force for protecting products.

■150~220ºC low temperature melt adhesive, chip never breaks.

■High packaging quality by servo motor inj. and JPN computer control system.

■Servo motor for clamping unit, stable action and precise control mold venting.

■10~60 second cycle time reduce packaging cost.

Product packaged after taking out from the machine, save more space.

■Precise and durable by using JPN servo motor and computer.